We are looking for members with a variety of skills and genre to cover every aspect of image creation. Photographers and videographers, costumes suppliers, make up artists and more. If you have a creative skill or business, we would like to hear from you. Apply HERE



Are you creative? Are you looking for more exposure of your work? Join our team of creative professionals and supply examples of your work. We will give you a page on this website of your very own to display to prospective clients.



As a member of our creative team you will get the chance to work with other professionals and share your knowledge as well as create working relationships. Our hope will be to put you in touch with clients looking for something special!

Welcome doers & creators, this is Photographic Agency!

Our ethos: Collaboration together

Great things are rarely made in isolation. Only when we team up with others we can truly make our work shine. We’re excited to announce Collaboration, making it possible to supply a demand for professional services. Welcome to Photographic Agency. What is Photographic agency? Simply put, it’s a collection of professionals photographers and creative media professionals. It's simple; Joining Photographic Agency makes you part of a growing list of professional and creative people available to be employed by clients needing your special skills. Who else is in the team? The team consists of creative professionals from a wide and expanding range of genre. Members all have individual styles and abilities, adding to the diversity available to the clients. If you know anyone who would like to be included in the team, let them know about us. Our growing list of members is what makes Photographic Agency able to offer a diverse range of skill sets to the clients. Be a part of it today. Is there a joining fee? There is an annual fee to be included in our list of skilled professionals. We can also offer you a page of your own where your profile and examples of your work will be displayed. We can include links to your own website, facebook and social media as well as maps of your location if required. Your information will be available for clients to view your profile and find the service best suited to their needs. How do I join? Its easy! CLICK HERE and join our growing database of professionals - Fill out your details and we will create a page for you within this site.

Every photographic assignment covered!

The aim of Photographic Agency is to have members that can cover any work that may be required by the clients. Whether its a wedding assignment, a fashion show, a commercial project or something creative. As a team member you will know your strengths and we will showcase this to visiting clients. The list of members will have diverse and unique abilities allowing the client to choose the best professional or mix of providers to meet their needs.
'Get your own unique page on the Photographic Agency directory now. Give us information about your photography or associated business including text and pictures. If you are a photographer, whether professional, semi-pro or an ambitious amateur, the Photographic Agency is the place to be. If you want your photography service or associated business to get noticed, or get discovered by clients and commissioning organisations, then get your listing today.'